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Wednesday, February 21, 2018
Saskatchewan. Building an innovative, thriving and sustainable economy.
Provides information on our mandate and operations reports. 

Saskatchewan’s wealth and diversity of resources are the envy of nations. Discover the competitive advantages and investment opportunities in these key sectors of our economy.

Learn more about the province's geology, and mineral and petroleum resources. Apply for permits and rights to explore and develop Saskatchewan’s mineral deposits.

This section talks about the oil and gas resources managed by the Ministry of the Economy.

Saskatchewan’s Commercial Forest Zone comprises 11.7 million hectares, of which 5.3 million hectares are classified as productive forest land available for commercial timber harvesting.

Links to different resources used to promote Saskatchewan.

The Immigration Services branch manages the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) and is responsible for newcomers settlement services to help immigrants feel at home in Saskatchewan.

Learn about Saskatchewan's investment and business opportunities. Get details about our economy and key economic sectors. Discover why our province is a major source of the world's mineral and energy resources.

Programs are available to help unemployed and under-employed individuals acquire the fundamental skills they need to participate in the Saskatchewan labour market.

Plese visit the Publications Centre to view our publications, reports, newsletters and maps.

The Manufacturers Guide is a database of Saskatchewan manufacturers, searchable by company name, community, industry category, product or NAICS code.

The Surface Rights Board of Arbitration is used as a last resort when a landowner or occupant and an oil/gas or potash operator are unable to reach an agreement for surface access to private land and related compensation.

Contact information lists, including an alphabetical list by topic, office locations and Webmaster inquiry form.

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