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Thursday, December 14, 2017
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Goodwater Machine Shop 1986 Ltd.
PO Box 28
Goodwater, SK
S4H 2L6
Phone: (306) 456-2560
Fax: (306) 456-2896

Number of Employees: 1-4
Ships within Canada

ProductNAICS #
Welding services, misc.332710
Pipe nipples, threaded332999
Railings, metal332329
Trailers, custom336212
Welding services, aluminum332710
Welding equipment, plastic333990
Steel, reinforcing332319
Tables, metal332329
Steel, fabrication332319
Pump parts333910
Roller mills, grain333110
Railings, ornamental iron332329
Railings, brass331420
Pump parts, oilfiled, misc.333910
Railing, aluminum331317
Pens, maternity, cattle332329
Pump jacks333910
Pump jack parts333910
Welding services, stainless steel332710
Pipe threading332720
Panels, custom321919
Pipe fabrication, misc.331210
Panels, corral332329
Penning, metal332999
Livestock equipment, misc.332329
Pens, calving332329
Machining, steel333519
Panels, corral332329
Accessories, truck326193
Agricultural equipment, attachments for333110
Oilfield equipment, misc., re-manufactured333130
Welding services, stainless steel332710
Custom steel fabrication332999
Machining services, misc.332710
Chutes, maternity, cattle332329
Chutes, cattle, metal332329
Agricultural equipment, misc.333110
Agricultural equipment parts, plastics333110
Aluminum fabrication, misc.332
Axles, trailer336350
Aluminum Products331317
Latches, gate332510
Livestock equipment, misc.332329
Feeders, round bale333110
Gates, custom332329
Guards, oilfield equipment332319
Gates, texas332329
Handling and feeding equipment for livestock332329
Grain roller mills for livestock feed33311
Gates, metal332329
Axles, trailer336350
Custom metal fabrication332999
Fences, guard, oilwell332329
Feeders, livestock, metal333110
Chutes, calving332329
Combine pickup teeth and belting333110
Cylinders, hydraulic, rebuilt333990
Custom welding fabrication332319
Custom torch cutting, metal33271
Chutes, cattle, portable332329
Custom, iron fabrication332999
Crop lifters333110

Lionel Wanner, President
Lionel Wanner, Purchase Manager

Industry Category
Oil & Gas
Agricultural Equipment

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Ms. Shelley Kent

Co-ordinator, Productivity and Supply Chain Development
Ministry of the Economy
219 Robin Crescent
Phone: 306-933-7007
Fax: 306-933-8244

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